Tilly Farnham

Tilly Farnham is an independent artist living and painting in the Cotswolds. She has been painting since 2009 and is entirely self-taught. Her work is mainly in acrylic and her inspiration comes from her everyday life, photographs and artists she admires. Over the past twelve years, she has exhibited in both London and for the majority, with Stow Art group in the Cotswolds. Tilly's paintings have been purchased for homes as far afield as China and America.


Tilly herself has lived in Germany, France and several different places in the U.S.


In 2018 Tilly was honoured to appear on BBC's Big Painting Challenge where she reached the semi-finals. It was an experience of a lifetime which taught her a lot about herself, painting under pressure and the complexities of TV production!


Her most recent works, displayed on the site, were completed during the first and second lockdowns. The bright colours were chosen purposefully to contradict the gloom of 2020.


Please find contact details below for information on the availability of the paintings or if you are interested in commissioning work.


Contact: [email protected] including your telephone number, please.

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